Wounded Chaldeans & a Loaf of Bread

December 12, 2011 by  
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I read a chapter in the Book of Jeremiah each morning when I come to my Study. This morning, Chapter 37. This is the account of Jeremiah telling King Zedekiah that the Chaldeans would “burn this city with fire”, Jerusalem.

The King is less than pleased with this report as is always the case when those rebelling against Truth hear it proclaimed with penetrating unflinching audacity and clarity. In the vernacular this is an “in your face” delivery from an incredibly faithful Prophet.

Egypt believed the Prophet – they retreated back south to their own territory. My point – there was not only the word of the Prophet to validate the veracity of his message but the retreat of a dominant power in that region. Rather convincing to anyone except a rebellious presumptuous King.

Jeremiah tells the King that even if the entire army of the Chaldeans were defeated and only wounded men remained, they would “rise up and burn the city (Jerusalem) with fire.” (Jer.37:10) His reward is incarceration and a loaf of bread daily (until “the bread of the city was gone.”) Jer. 37:21).

The Evangelical Church in America is in need of an army of Jeremiahs willing to tell the TRUTH and be content with a loaf of bread and prison as their reward. Want to join this “School of The Prophets”?

Give me a call. We are seeking godly courageous capable and humble Pastors to engage the church in just such a challenge. I personally like Asiago Cheese!!

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