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The high places however, were not removed.

I have been reading 2 Kings for focus and reflection. Most of the kings did evil in the sight of the Lord. There were some who honored the Lord in their reign with this exception – – they did not remove the ‘high places’.
High places were syncretistic accommodation to evil. It is as though the king though God did not notice(?)! Today those high places would be assimilation of the cultural norms, always in conflict with God’s word.
Incomplete obedience is disobedience. As I near the end of my days I do not want this epitaph to mark my leadership journey.
I recently had our Small Groups watch the DVD of Francis Schaeffer speaking at Coral Ridge Presbyterian in 1982. His focus and the title of his message is Christian Manifesto. That message could well be delivered today and be spot on. He speaks of tyranny. That is precisely what we have in our dear land – Judicial Tyranny.
He then ask the poignant question – where are the pastors? I ask that same question. I have traveled for the past 20 years speaking to pastors and churches about their Health & Effectiveness. The most common response to this is a ‘we are sorta ok and after all we are not as bad as the guy down the street. What?
Soon enough we will all come to that juncture in our days when it will be written of us as it is of all those kings – – “and he rested with his fathers”.
Have you removed the high places or is your leadership ‘sorta ok’?

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