Going Postal (Humor or Tragedy?)

April 3, 2012 by  
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I recently received the following message from a Pastor friend. Very revealing.
You might enjoy this.  I had to mail out some accreditation material to a seminary in Indiana and I had to mail it with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  So, I took it to the local post office and asked if they could weigh the material and put the appropriate stamps on the return envelope before I put it into another envelope to mail, and as I’m explaining this, I laid the return envelope and the material on the scales.  The woman behind the counter told me that she couldn’t weigh the envelope and the material unless I put the material “inside” the envelope.  It wouldn’t work just laying the material “on” the envelope.
So, I took the material and as I placing it inside the envelope I innocently asked, “What difference would it make?” meaning, if the material and the envelope were laying on top of each other or whether one was inside the other, to which she replied, “It weighs differently if they are together or whether one is inside of the other.”
You would have been proud of me–I held it together until I got outside the building and then I couldn’t stand it any longer, I laughed until my sides hurt.  Doesn’t this explain why the Postal Service is in the state it is?  To think these people actually walk among us.
Puts a whole new meaning to the term “going postal.”  Where do they find these people!?

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