Intentional Duplicity in Place of Integrity

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Recently one component of the CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) hosted a Conference at First Baptist Church in Decatur GA. One of the speakers was Prof. David Foshee who teaches at Mercer University in Atlanta GA. The focus of the conference was “A Conversation on Human Sexuality. People ALWAYS perk up when the subject/topic is SEX!

What did he say and why is it important?

What he said was that the best configuration for a relationship between two persons that has historically been described as “MARRIAGE” should be labeled a ‘Covenant Relationship’. Sounds great. Agree with that. In fact, marriage is recognized as a Covenant Relationship. Nothing new here.

However, that has been the case for centuries. What he did not say, and this is where the lack of Integrity is displayed, he did not identify those eligible according to the Scripture, to participate in such a Covenant. Therefore, applying his profile, two males, two females, a man and his dog, etc. may be eligible for joining together in this covenant. I am sure that this crowd would disagree with this interpretation but if language has meaning (and it does) then they have not a leg stand on.

The CBF was birthed with a fatal pathology at the heart of their assembly. They deny the ABSOLUTE authority of the Scriptures (cf. former President Jimmy Carter who simply says he must disregard the writings of the Apostle Paul on human sexuality – read the interview Dr. Al Mohler did with Mr. Carter.). What? Paul wrote a majority of the New Testament.

Mark it down folks, this issue will fragment CBF into numerous camps, BUT, those who embrace this aberrant and heretical approach to Scripture will cling to their desires – – anybody can do whatever strikes their fancy and they will call it love and compassion. SO SAD!


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