Is the IgniteUS Leadership Development process designed for churches of a specific size?
There is no minimum church size required for partnering with IgniteUS. More important factors include a commitment to taking the necessary steps toward becoming a healthy disciple-making church; a core of passionate, teachable leaders that can support the pastor and keep momentum going; and adequate financial and personnel resources to implement the change and renewal process. While there is not a size requirement, we have found that a congregation’s “critical mass” needed to meet these criteria is at least 50 active and committed members.

How much does it cost a church to partner with IgniteUS?
There is no fixed fee. IgniteUS is a non-profit ministry, and our cost is modest. We have developed a flexible tiered pricing structure. This structure makes participation equitable for all participants and is directed toward sustaining the ministry and making these services available to other congregations in need of leadership development, renewal and reformation. For more information, please contact us.

Is IgniteUS affiliated with a particular denomination?
No. IgniteUS is a Christ-centered, evangelical, Protestant, trans-denominational and kingdom-focused ministry. We partner with churches in a number of denominations. For a list of our partnering churches, click here.

How long does the IgniteUS Leadership Development process take?
The time frame varies because the process is not exactly the same for any two congregations. However, partnering churches can expect it to take at least three years. For more information about the process and time frame, click here.

I noticed that IgniteUS is based in South Carolina. My church is in Wyoming. Can we still partner with IgniteUS?
Yes! IgniteUS is a virtual organization with staff members and mentors across the country to better serve the breadth of America’s churches.

Is the Leadership Development process available for a Pastor to complete as an individual?
Yes. We have established a 15 month process that a Pastor may complete. Our desire is that at the end of this time period, he will be better equipped and capable of showing the entire assembly why this is valuable and strategic opportunity for them to engage.

What characteristics make the Leadership Development Process of IUS unique?
Our Staff. We are all currently pastors of a local church. We have incorporated the principles we teach in a local church setting. We face every day the challenges that we teach other pastors to address. Genuine empathy is an integral part of our Team.

Our Learning Covenant. We create a Learning Community in each local church. The profile for ministry developed in each assembly is tailored and unique for that ministry culture. The people own and embrace the outcomes because they personally participated in the creation of ministry strategies and goals.

What is the foundational premise for IUS?
The problems in the church in America are theological in nature. Only theological solutions will bring true repentance and fruitfulness. Our culture is described as post-modern. It is our conviction that Truth is transcendent, absolute, abiding, and incarnate. Therefore, while we endeavor to be conscious of and sensitive to ‘our times’, we don’t accommodate the times. We believe with a passion that the systematic and consistent application of Truth by godly leaders will bring God’s blessing. We always endeavor to shape ministry by answering the question, “What does the text say?”