Using a proven methodology, objective assessment tools, personalized and ongoing relationships and a skilled staff of experienced leaders, IgniteUS mentors pastors and provides guidance for the development and implementation of a principled, comprehensive revitalization process. This process produces Reformation and Renewal, change from dysfunction to effective ministry as measured by transformation. This is the Mission of IgniteUS.

The process is divided into five Phases.

Videos of the Process:

Phase 1: Readiness for the Run (ASSESSMENT)
Using credible assessment instruments, this phase equips Pastors with a realistic portrait of where they are as leaders and where their churches are in their readiness to embrace change. (Months 1–2)
Take the first step and complete the on-line Church Readiness Quiz.

Phase 2: Preparing the Pastor (CHARACTER)
Further exercises and resources, coupled with one-on-one mentoring, prepare Pastors for the change process, ensuring that they are equipped with full knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses so they can most effectively assemble and lead an effective team. (Months 3–6)

Phase 3: Building the Team (COMPETENCE)
Understanding that effective ministry is a Team, not a Solo effort, this phase assists Pastors with developing and equipping a team of competent and committed people who embrace the scope and need for change and understand the necessity of modeling as a key component in successful leadership. (Months 7–12)

Phase 4: Running the Race (STRUCTURE)
This phase redirects the focus of the congregation from “looking in” (what pleases me) to “looking out” (how I can reach and disciple others). This requires an atmosphere of changed values, not simply changed procedures. (Months 13-–24)

Phase 5: Expanding the Kingdom (ENGAGEMENT)
As spiritual growth takes place within a body, numerical growth and reproduction are a resulting fruit. This phase incorporates and measurably applies the truths gleaned from this transitional process, resulting in a healthy, disciple-making church. (Months 25–36 and beyond)

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