Readiness Quiz

What is the future of your church? Is your congregation in need of a turnaround? Are your members ready to redirect their focus to the Great Commission? Complete this quick survey to see whether or not the IgniteUS Leadership Development process could help. Simply check the box at the end of each true statement, then click on the Calculate button to get your score.

Attendance — The attendance patterns for the past ten years reflect decline. There are fewer people attending Sunday School, Worship, and other corporate activities.
Pastoral Turnover — The tenure of Pastoral Leadership over the past twenty years reflects frequent turnover; pastorates are of shorter and shorter duration and are less and less effective.
Finances — The Fiscal Resources of the church are declining. Regular weekly contributions over the past ten years have declined and continue to decline.
Purpose — The question “What is the purpose of this church” will generate a multitude of responses. There is no clear consensus among those attending regularly what that local church is called to accomplish as part of God's Kingdom.
Facilities — The condition of the campus and grounds is one of decline. There is no systematic plan to keep the facilities fresh, attractive and functional. The members cannot say with a clear conscience, “We are proud of this campus, and the maintenance and condition of these facilities glorifies Christ.”
Leadership — There are fewer and fewer men available to fill the critical leadership functions of the church. Men are placed in leadership roles because they have been members for a long time, not because they have the Biblical character, competence and gifts to function as Servant Leaders. The Leaders are primarily Board Members not Servants who model godliness for the body to imitate.
Demographics — The average age of the membership (those actively participating each week) is rising continually. There are fewer and fewer involved young people (excluding teens whose parents require their attendance).
Spiritual Climate — The climate is generally one of status quo and ritual, not vitality and joy in a spiritual pilgrimage. Testimonies are usually about things God did years ago, not what He did in the members’ lives this week.
Spiritual Authority — There is little or nothing in the past decade that objectively substantiates that the Bible, God's Word, is the basis for ministry and is the ultimate authority in ministry. It is seldom, if ever, referred to and accurately applied in congregational life. To do so brings possible vilification and disdain to the messenger attempting to apply God's Truth.
Conversions — There are few if any conversions to Christ. When an occasional profession of faith is made, the professed convert does not become an active growing participant in the life of the congregation, and no fruit is evidenced in their life. There is a lack of new converts and true ongoing discipleship among the local assembly.

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