Core Values

Scripture – The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself. It expresses His character with total accuracy. It is a guide for faith and living. The precepts and principles expressed are binding upon all people. We embrace this revelation as absolute Truth to be obeyed with joy.

Mission – The mission of the church is to obey and fulfill the Great Commission. Therefore, all ministry principles and structures must be evaluated by their conformity to the accomplishment of mission.

Relationships – The essential foundation for ministry and disciple-making is healthy relationships. The norm for God’s blessing is man in right relationship with his God and his fellow man. This requires transparent and open relational dynamics.

Transformation – The measure of ministry is transformation. Effective measurable transformation in conformity to the image and likeness of Christ is possible, essential and normative for believers. When the transformation process is applied with integrity God uses it to produce Reformation and Renewal. These changes take a local church from cultural lethargy to biblical effectiveness.

Church – The Church is the body of Christ, the family of God. It is a theological institution with sociological implications. The structures for ministry must be drawn from and guided by the norms found in the Scripture.

Leadership – The key component for leadership is character. Leaders in the church must meet the standards set forth in Scripture. The normative process for equipping and reproducing leaders is modeling. The leader’s life must be worthy of imitation.

Process – Change is a process, not an event. The events necessary to transition a body of people from cultural lethargy to Biblical norms requires time, intentionality, and sequence. The normal chronology is five to seven years. Leaders who engage this process must be prepared to invest in long-term tenures of service. The purpose of IgniteUS is guiding the Reformation & Renewal Process in the local church. The Mission of IUS is effective fulfillment of the Great Commission in the local church, making disciples who make disciples.

Prayer – Regular, transparent, and specific prayer is an integral part of a Biblical profile for ministry. We practice and promote genuine intercession as necessary in ministry.

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